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5 Marijuana-Friendly Vacation Destinations You Have to Visit

5 Marijuana-Friendly Vacation Destinations You Have to Visit

As cannabis becomes more legalized around the world, people have looked to a new kind of traveling. At some of the many marijuana-friendly vacation destinations, you can get in some relaxation and rest and still enjoy your marijuana. These places have become more popular to offer you everything you need to include cannabis on your vacation. There is everything from friendly rental hosts to beautiful views to enjoy while smoking your marijuana.

Why Choose a Cannabis Vacation?

You may think that there are not many benefits of booking a vacation destination at a cannabis-friendly location besides being able to use marijuana while on vacation. But there are several reasons you might want to choose one of these destinations.

Getting Cannabis from the Host

In some cannabis rentals, you can get more than simply a chocolate left on the pillow. Instead, you might get a joint on your pillow or be encouraged to sample an edible with cannabis in it. Or you might be invited to a marijuana happy hour. Because some hosts get the extra cannabis products from guests who can’t take the herb home with them, they might pay it forward by offering new guests the products.

Staying Safe

The location of the area you want to book often does not specifically say where it is, depending on where you book it. Often, there is a large circle that is on the map and shows you where the property is generally. Many booking sites only give you the address once you have booked the stay. That way, you will have a more discreet trip.

Top Cannabis Vacation Destinations

These locations offer both cannabis and culture, and you might enjoy combining your favorite herb with a vacation destination. Each option offers the chance to get away from things without having to take a break from your marijuana. Whether you want to stay in your budget or splurge on the best option, you can stay comfortable and enjoy your stay more.

1. Uruguay

This country legalized the possession and use of marijuana in 2014, and many people grow cannabis flowers. Some rentals are close to the sea and have Italian designs and amenities. The area is beautiful and offers a great setting for watching the sunset with a joint.

There are also cannabis bed-and-breakfasts, and many have calm locations that let you step back from the hustle and bustle of more populated areas. Some areas are within walking distance of museums, nightlife, and galleries. Plus, you can stay near the beach and enjoy a smoke.

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2. Jamaica

This country has a strong cannabis culture and has beautiful beaches. Plus, you can enjoy the local cuisine while exploring the culture. Stay near Montego Bay and enjoy the tropical paradise. You can use a bamboo raft to go down the river and try snorkeling.

Other rentals offer you the chance to have locally sourced, high-quality marijuana. Plus, you can often have a delicious breakfast provided by the rental place. Staying near Montego Bay is a great option if you have a sense of adventure and want to mingle with the locals. You can hear the sounds of nature and enjoy some cannabis before going to the beach or exploring the city.

3. Alaska

Alaska has legalized recreational marijuana, and you can explore the outdoors and enjoy a joint as you do so. You can take a hike through the wilderness, then head back to your lodge and experience fine dining before kicking back with a good smoke. You can stay on the Kenai Peninsula, which offers hiking, kayaking, fishing, and hiking. While you are there, you can even try whitewater rafting.

In the evening, you can enjoy Hope Dope, which is the local strain of Hope, Alaska. This area is a discreet and family-friendly vacation option, perfect if your entire family wants to relax together. Your whole family can enjoy nature in a safe area, and the adults can enjoy some cannabis.

4. Colorado

This is the state that kicked off the legalization of marijuana, so if you want to have a cannabis-friendly getaway, you should not overlook it. There are many outdoor activities and beautiful mountains, so there is a lot to see in Colorado. Plus, you can enjoy tasty local cannabis. Look for a bed-and-breakfast, which might be more comfortable than the town hotels.

You can get rentals that have views of the Rocky Mountains, and if you have pets, there are pet-friendly options. Many rentals have Jacuzzis and other entertainment on-site that you can enjoy with your bud. The area is serene, perfect for relaxing with your favorite strains.

Some rentals offer vaporizers to use at the rental. Others might offer cannabis cooking lessons, plus information on the local strains. If you are allowed to travel with them back home, then you might get some of the local strains as a souvenir of your green trip.

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5. Washington State

This state offers rainforests, mountain trails, thick trees, ocean coasts, and many valleys. It is a diverse destination, and no matter what you like to do while on vacation, you can find it in this state. There also are many different marijuana products to be found here.

Some rentals offer farm settings. Stay outside of Olympia, where you can find real marijuana farms. You can also attend the farmers market downtown each week and get an inside look at the local marijuana community. This is a good option if you have a large tour group since there are many sitting areas where you can consume marijuana.

Stay near Vancouver, and you will only be a few minutes away from Portland, Oregon. Some places even offer luxurious accommodations, such as barbecues, fireplaces, and pools for relaxation.

Closing Thoughts

There are likely more legal marijuana travel options in the U.S. and abroad than you imagined. You should not hesitate to book your own stay and see what one of these destinations has to offer.

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