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5 Marijuana Games to Play at Parties Instead of Drinking

5 Marijuana Games to Play at Parties Instead of Drinking


Tic. Tac. Stoned.

Marijuana-inspired party games can be as creative as certain pot strains. Here are five games to try while enjoying nugs with fellow reefers.

1. Slammin’ Jammin’

This fun, straightforward game is good for breaking the ice at parties.

To add a bonus level to the game, prepare one step before your party. Look up the lyrics to the song “Jammin’” by Jamaican reggae band Bob Marley & The Wailers to count exactly how many times the word jammin’ is used in the song. Or, if you prefer, play the song over and over one day and count it up by ear. (Hint: It’s more than a dozen times.)

Before launching the game, be sure to roll an individual joint for each participant or have each person place their vape or edibles in front of them.

Start the song and take a hit, rip, or bite every time Bob wails the word jammin’. If you want to get super serious about it, also take puffs or bites each time the backup singers say the word.

Then, to add the bonus round to declare a true winner, ask each person to guess how many times the word jammin’ is used in the lyrics. Whoever guesses the closest to the correct tally gets to be the honorary Bob Marley for the rest of the party and can ask others for favors.

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2. Head Games

This fast-paced contest of broad knowledge tests everyone’s competitive spirit, creativity, and endurance.

First, gather all party-goers in a smoke circle, facing each other. Pick someone to go first, or get someone to volunteer. That person chooses and shares a category, such as movies, foods, best weed tours, locations, celebrities, sports, or the greatest songs about cannabis. The same person then selects and announces a letter. As an example, you could choose movies that start with the letter M.

The leader names the first category and letter, and takes a hit of weed.

Then, the next person to the leader’s left must name something that fits that announced category and correct letter. If she or he cannot come up with any matching ideas, a toke cannot be enjoyed. If she or he does respond correctly, that player gets to take two tokes. If the second person after the leader can’t think of a response, she or he also cannot smoke. However, if that player comes up with a right answer, she or he gets to take three tokes. Repeat this approach with each person, moving to the left, increasing the overall number of tokes by one each time.

After players offer two wrong answers in a row, the category and letter must change.

Fun suggestions for categories include:

  • “Wizard of Oz”
  • Fast Food
  • Rhyming Words
  • Weird Science
  • Disney
  • Famous Couples
  • Brands in TV Commercials

3. Spin the Vape

This game is for physically inclined folks who also like games of chance.

Set a vaporizer, or vape pen, on a table with everyone gathered around it. The first player spins the pen and gets to ask a question of the person to whom the vape pen mouthpiece points when it stops whirling. If the spinner likes the answer, the spinner and the recipient both vape. If the spinner does not like the answer, only she or he vapes, and the recipient becomes the next spinner, who incidentally has to use their nondominant hand to spin the pen. Repeat the question and answer process for as long as desired.

To make the game more interesting, the spinner can invite the recipient of the spin to offer convincing details or actions about why to like and accept his or her answer.

4. Musical Bong

Have an empty hand pipe to pass around the group. Hopefully, you’ll be able to showcase a pipe that has a special meaning or was created in an interesting shape. Make someone in charge of music, whether played from a cellphone, stereo, TV music channels with remote control, or another electronic device. Blindfold the person in charge of the music, so he or she cannot know who is holding the pipe when the music is stopped. Start passing the pipe, much like when you used to play “hot potato” as a kid, and whoever is holding the pipe when the music is halted gets to take a bong rip.

Alternatively, to adjust the game to go faster, you can say everyone but the person holding the pipe gets to rip the bong.

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5. Tell Me a Cannabis Story (for Bus Parties)

This group game works well for those on a party bus. Be sure to quiet the environment enough to hear and concentrate on each other, and have someone start a story with at least four words, such as “Once upon a time, I tried marijuana.” The next guest adds at least four more words to the story, such as “… and I decided it …” Then the next person keeps the story going with another four words, such as “… which left me feeling …”

You can shake things up by pressuring players to keep the story going within a limited number of seconds with each turn. You also can shape the story by saying it has to occur in a certain time period or within a particular place, such as locations you know you’ll be passing in the bus.

Party Games for Special Events

Seeking an exceptional 420 celebration? Consider scheduling a private party with these types of marijuana games with Weed Bus LA, starting at just $420 for a group of up to 11 guests.

​The company’s fun-loving team has cannabis concierges who plan perfect outings to locations of your choice. This is a great idea for a memorable wedding party celebration, birthday, anniversary, bachelor and bachelorette bashes, or corporate team-building event. Email for options.

​Closing Thoughts

Many games designed to maximize alcohol consumption, such as beer pong, can be converted into a cannabis-centric game. Some games with weed work better than others, depending on whether you’re playing with extroverts or introverts or what types of marijuana your guests are consuming.

Keep in mind that social smoking parties with games go over better with the right type of munchies also available.

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