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The World’s Top Marijuana Travel Destinations

The World’s Top Marijuana Travel Destinations

Cannabis is a popular topic everywhere. For example, in the United States, the laws are beginning to loosen since state officials are realizing that cannabis is not as harmful as was previously believed. Many other states have legalized cannabis for medicinal use, and some states have decriminalized the possession of the herb.

In some countries, there are many places to travel where you can enjoy some cannabis. As long as you do not use it publicly or in front of the whole world, many areas do not mind that you are smoking. In fact, some areas even love the business that cannabis tourists bring to their economies.

Kingston, Jamaica

Many cannabis tourists visit this beautiful country because of its relaxed culture, good weather, and the beaches. Although cannabis is illegal in the country, you can still find a range of strains everywhere you go. You can even go on marijuana sampling tours, but some tour guides ask you to smoke in front of them to show that you are not an undercover law enforcement officer.

Just remember that Jamaica is still a developing country, and there is crime, income inequality, and poverty. You have to stay careful and can’t zone out like you might be able to in other areas.

Portland, Oregon

Oregon is one of the first states in the United States that legalized cannabis to use recreationally. Portland has a laid back marijuana culture, and many people find that the place is charming. The city is about social activism and the area’s marijuana movements. It is eco-friendly and also has one of the first marijuana cafes.

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Seattle, Washington

This city was some of the earlier adopters of laws in favor of medical marijuana. Many users do not face criminal penalties, as long as they have documentation from a medical doctor. Seattle is a green city, and you can find several natural areas in the city. There is also a large pot rally in the city each year, and more than 100,000 people come in for two days to enjoy cannabis.

Nimbin, Australia

Nimbin is a mountain town that is in New South Wales, and some hippies have seen it as a sanctuary. Cannabis use does not come with criminal penalties in Canberra, which is the capital of Australia, but Nimbin takes it a step further and offers a free-for-all when it comes to culture. It is a quiet town that does not have many residents, but the town has an annual festival that brings in many cannabis enthusiasts. There are cannabis-related games, such as bong throwing.

Christiana, Denmark

Cannabis is not legal in Denmark, but the city of Christiana has announced it is an autonomous area, meaning that cannabis lovers have flocked there. It is considered to be a counterculture area and even has a farmers market for hash and bud.

Oakland, California

Oaksterdam is in the north part of this city, and this is the cultural district of the area. Medical marijuana is allowed in the state, and you can take advantage of that in Oaksterdam. There are cannabis-friendly coffee shops and even a marijuana college there. The law enforcement is not very strict, since officers are out to get the drug dealers, not the tourists.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is a big part of the legal and medical cannabis markets. It is not legal to have cannabis with you, but if you have less than a quarter of an ounce, the police might not pay attention that much. There is a lot of sun, so cannabis can grow well there. It is one of the most valuable crops in the area there. Plus, there are many cannabis-friendly cafes and diners there.

Prague, Czech Republic

Many people feel surprised that this area would be friendly to marijuana, but it is one of the most cannabis-friendly areas. In the Czech Republic, you can find some of the most liberal drug laws in the world, and the use of almost every drug is decriminalized, such as LSD and cocaine. You can grow up to five marijuana plants and own up to 15 grams of the herb. Prague is a good choice to visit since it has a relaxed atmosphere and is a beautiful area. You do not have to worry about lighting up a joint when you are in the area.

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Barcelona, Spain

This was one of the first areas in Europe to decriminalize the use of cannabis. The laws there allow the citizens to grow their own stash and use it. However, it is not legal to use the herb in public, and you can’t sell or buy it. You can have about 40 grams of it legally.

The laws in the country state that the crime has to have a victim, so if no one complains, then there will not likely be an issue. There are many cannabis festivals in the country, and there are scenic beaches and beautiful architecture there.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is one of the most popular cities of all time for cannabis users. There are more than 200 marijuana cafes in the area, and you can order products made from the herb there. Cannabis is technically illegal in the Netherlands. However, the citizens have been allowed to purchase hashish and cannabis because the laws make a distinction between hard drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, and soft drugs, such as marijuana.

There was a law passed in the past that could have banned travelers from using the cannabis cafes, but the jurisdictions were allowed to decide whether to enforce the law. Because marijuana is a big source of livelihood for cafe owners, tax income, and attracter of tourists, many areas refused to enforce the law.

Closing Thoughts

Taking a trip to enjoy your cannabis can be a fun getaway for you. Whether you decide to stay in the area or go across the world, you can enjoy your cannabis more when you are seeing some sights.

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