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How to Hide the Cannabis Smell in Any Situation

How to Hide the Cannabis Smell in Any Situation

It’s probably one of the biggest reasons vape pens and vaporizers have become so popular. Cannabis flower tends to give off a rather obvious odor, making it rather difficult to conceal when you’re smoking.

Even though cannabis is legal in many places nowadays, it’s still not everyone’s favorite part of using cannabis. The smell can get rather intense at times, and if you don’t want that stale smoke smell in your house, you have to go to the garage or outside instead. There are some convenient tricks that people have found over the years that seem to help mask or hide the smell, at least a little bit. You may have something that already seems to work for you but read on, and maybe you’ll find something even better.

What Causes That Smell?

There’s one compound in cannabis that’s responsible for the intense smell the flower lets off when smoked. They’re called terpenes, and in recent years, more and more self-proclaimed cannabis experts have taken up an interest in these little compounds.

Terpenes are hydrocarbons, and there are several different varieties, which is why different strains of cannabis smell quite differently. Perhaps the most talked-about terpene is limonene, which does have a reputation for giving off a rather lemony smell. Many people believe terpenes also have medicinal benefits, and limonene is the one that’s been studied the most for medical purposes.

Another terpene is called caryophyllene, and it’s the only terpene that can also act as a cannabinoid and bind to your CB2 receptors. This terpene tends to give strains a black pepper, spicy, and cinnamon scent.

The bottom line reason for why cannabis smells when smoked is because it’s literally being set on fire. Think of what paper or wood smells like when it’s burning. It’s a similar situation with cannabis. Igniting anything will set off some type of odor, whether it’s good or bad.

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Tricks to Try

Even if those little terpenes have positive traits, they also give us that skunky, smokey, spicy smell that’s so hard to cover up. Among the most common tricks you’ve probably seen is lighting incense. This stuff has quite a history behind it, but it can smell rather potent and help cover up the cannabis smell. The biggest problem with using incense is that you’re setting these on fire, too, so there’s always a little smoke lingering after you’ve lit one.

One of the easiest tricks out there is the toilet paper roll trick, also known as a “sploof.” Take an empty toilet paper roll and stuff it with two or three dryer sheets. Make sure not to pack it too full, or you’ll end up blowing smoke right back into your own face. This method is not fool-proof by any means, but it will help lessen the intensity of the smoke smell left behind.

Another option is to put a box fan in the window with the air blowing outward and blow your smoke into the back of the fan. For some people, this may have been an old college trick you used when smoking cigarettes in the dorms. It’s not fool-proof either, and it can leave smoke behind in your home.

Regular, basic cleaning will also help keep the smoke smell away if you’re worried about long-term effects in your house. This may not help with a one-off moment or if you’re trying to hide it from the in-laws in the other room. This will help for regular users who don’t want their home to smell like an ashtray. Vacuuming and dusting your home will do wonders for the smell, even on a regular basis, when you’re not worried about smoke.

Keep your clothes and jackets clean. Heavier coats and clothing items can hang on to that smoke smell for a long time. If you have a jacket or sweatshirt you wear when you go outside to smoke or when you’re smoking in the house, make sure you don’t leave the jacket or sweatshirt lying around inside. Leave it outside to air out, and definitely don’t put it in a laundry hamper because whatever room it’s in will smell pretty fast.

If you’re in a situation where you really can’t let anyone know you’re smoking, but it’s perfectly legal to be doing so, you may want to try a different cannabis product. Cannabis flower has to be burned to be inhaled, but there are dozens of other products like concentrates on the market that you can’t smell when they are being used. Back to the original point about vape pens and vaporizers, this is why those little devices became popular. Because they’re small and convenient, you can take them anywhere. On top of that, you can use them anywhere it’s legal to do so, without anyone else knowing what’s up.

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What Not to Use

Air freshener sprays typically don’t work. If you’ve ever walked in someone’s house after they’ve attempted to cover up something stinky with air freshener spray, you can tell right away. These products are typically deodorizers, so they’re designed to mask the stench and not get rid of it entirely. A better option, if you’re going to go this route, is a plug-in air freshener, which will linger in the air much longer than a spray.

Closing Thoughts

Even if you go for a cannabis flower that has a fruity aroma, don’t expect it to leave behind the sweet smell of fresh lemons. That’s not how it works. Remember, because you’re burning the cannabis, you’re creating smoke, and that’s going to linger.

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure you’re using cannabis in places where it’s legal and not where it’s illegal. That will help keep the paranoia down, and you won’t have to worry about masking the smell for legal reasons.

Also, be courteous. Any true cannabis pro knows when and where to enjoy their ganja, so follow the law and be cool.

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